Why ITworks. . .

Information Technology is a core function of most businesses.  Just as a car’s wheels won’t turn without the necessary gears and parts (engine, transmission, cooling, fuel, etc.) a successful business needs the necessary parts to run well - systems such as: Sales, Customer Service, Accounting, Operations, and IT.  Each system works to ensure the other systems can perform. 


IT is no different, it is a gear that is vital to ensure your business has vital access to data and systems without unplanned downtime, unrecoverable data loss, or other unwelcome surprises.

Most small businesses can’t or don’t justify full time IT staffing.  This leads to unplanned downtime, lack of IT strategy, lack of leveraging IT, etc.  Mode of IT operation becomes

reactionary and lacks planned maintenance, robust disaster recovery  procedures, backup planning, equipment lifecycle, as well as strategy, audit conformity, etc.  contingencies, need real IT resources for operation and strategy planning, but seldom can justify in house resources to be on their team.

At ITworks, we have the resources you need. 

· We work as a member of your team, and not as an outside vendor trying to sell the latest technology that you don’t necessarily need. 

· We are your IT department without the full time costs. 

· We have a customized plan that makes sense to your business.

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