Let us show you how we can service your IT needs.  Our technicians have years of experience in supporting users of all types.  For more info email:  service@itworks.us

Let us be of Service. . .

· Windows configuration

· Desktop / Laptop setup, imaging, repair, and troubleshooting

· Preventive maintenance

· Firewall, antivirus, updates and OS patches

· Backup / Restore procedures

· Remote or onsite support

· End user training

Desktop Support

Server Administration

Network Infrastructure

IT Strategy and Planning

· Server Preventive Maintenance

· Hardware upgrades

· OS and major application updates

· Backup / restore planning and testing

· Offsite backup media storage

· Lifecycle management

· Remote or onsite support


· Network switch configuration

· Telecommunication services

· Wireless configuration and security controls

· Network cabling

· Phone cabling

· Business review and strategy development

· Implement IT support methodology

· IT investment planning and cost controls

· Disaster recovery planning

· Technology road map

· Expense review

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Contact us:  sales@itworks.us or  435.213.1816